I am here to help you work less and earn more money by getting your website closer to page 1

My name is Pri and I founded Brilliantly Visible in August 2018 after working as an SEO for Notonthehighstreet. After hearing the incredible stories of so many creative businesses on the marketplace, I knew I wanted to set up my own agency to continue supporting people like you to get more visible and make more money

Our mission at Brilliantly Visible is to help more creative businesses get closer to page 1 so they can make more money and work less 

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Why are we so passionate about our mission?

Well because we all started businesses to make more money, have more freedom and work less - however, that’s not always the case. Often, we spend more hours working on our businesses (especially in the first few years) to get things off the ground

We know small business owners and entrepreneurs take the short-term sacrifice of working longer hours for the sake of financial freedom at a later date but for some -
that never happens

This is where SEO can support your business so you do have the flexibility to earn more and work less and we can definitely support you with that

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The real problem with SEO

In a world where we can get instant gratification from the number of likes and comments on an Instagram post, SEO is often seen as the ugly stepchild. We all know that we should be working on it but it can be really technical and boring so we’d rather concentrate on something fun like Instagram

But we are here to challenge that narrative - think back to the last time you wanted information. Where did you go? I bet you went to either Google Maps, Pinterest, YouTube or Google and yes, you guessed it - all are search engines. If you are looking for information in these places then I can guarantee you that your audience is as well

Your audience is not looking on TikTok or Instagram for answers, they are looking for them in a search engine and that’s why we want you to get closer to page 1

Having a range of marketing channels is great for small businesses who want to increase their visibility. As well as doing paid advertising which may give you instant results, SEO is a perfect strategy to have working along side because it will give you continue to decrease your reliance on paying for traffic. The quicker we are able to get your page closer to page 1, the less money you will need to invest in paying for traffic

SEO will help get your website closer to page 1 so you find more of your dream clients who want what you are selling without haggling your prices. With more sales coming through the door, you’ll find you end up working less hours 

SEO requires a mindset change

So how can we support you?



An intensive session designed to give you clarity and get you unstuck on a topic of your choosing. This is perfect for those who want strategic support on their business from an expert in their industry 



Learn SEO at your own pace and finally learn how to get your website onto page 1. This is perfect for those new in business who want to use SEO to get more traffic to their website.

I haven’t always been this analytical - I actually have a creative background that saw me work as a copywriter while I lived abroad and eventually as a wedding stationery designer. Both jobs and my time at Notonthehighstreet have helped me connect with creatives like you who just want to make and sell their beautiful craft

The fact that I’m a creative at heart is a big outlier and here’s the reason why - I get how you think and feel about SEO because I am exactly you. I’ve always been drawn to being creative - I love painting, learning languages and cooking and had to teach myself to be analytical

Unlike other SEOs, I’ve worked in the e-commerce and wedding industries. I didn’t wake up one morning and decide it would be a good industry to work in, this has come from my real-life experiences. This means I know exactly what you are struggling with and more importantly, I understand your audience - what they want and what they are searching for in Google

We would love to support you to make more money in your business so you can take time off to travel and enjoy nights with your family without feeling guilty about not working

Hi, I'm Pri

An award-winning SEO with over 10-years experience. Think of me as your personal SEO expert, here to guide you through optimising your website

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