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Introducing Small and Mighty Co.

If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you will know that I have been teasing something special. I am happy to finally reveal the big announcement. I will be joining 10 other industry experts to form Sam Burgess’ Small and Mighty Co.

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Business Updates

The Importance of Self Care

If you’ve ever felt the burn out of running your own business, you’ll love today’s post where I share my favourite tips to take care of yourself, when it matters the most.

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Entrepreneur Tips

10 Ranking Factors That Matter in 2019

Wondering what you should focus on this year for your website? Here are the top 10 ranking factors that will help you improve your organic performance in Google.

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Technical SEO

What Social Media you Should Focus on in 2019

Make the most of your social media this year by using SEO to learn more about your ideal client and create content that will connect with them.

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Off Page SEO

Set Up your Systems to Get Reviews

Setting up a system to ask your clients for reviews is a great way to improve your social proof and learn from each interaction. Here are my tips on how to ask for reviews throughout your client process.

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Off Page SEO