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Make an impact while earning more passive income in your business

I am so excited to share details of my VIP day referral program with you. You’ll find all the information you need to share the details of your community, but if you have any further questions, please reach out to me



Earn $300 per successful referral

Easy to use swipe copy and images ready to use for your social media or with your email list

Quarterly coffee chats and shout outs on social media/newsletter

Birthday gift

Extra surprise and delights along the way

Bonus: $500 for every three successful referrals

What are the benefits of being an affiliate?

Here's how it works...

APPLY to join

Get started is simply and takes less than 10-minutes


Sign the partnership agreement and add your payment details

start referring

Use your swipe files to start reaching out to potential referrals

i need this right now


Get paid once your referral's VIP day has been delivered

You have access to other scaling entrepreneurs, whether it’s through your community or as part of your high-level mastermind group

You are passionate about supporting others and want to support them during the tricky growth period in business

You are happy to actively promote our partnership and openly talk about my VIP days with others

You below in ethical marketing and will use the relevant advertising declarations (e.g. partnerships/affiliate) when you are actively promoting my services

You'll be a good fit if...

Sure, that sounds great. You’ll get the chance to book a coffee chat with me after you’ve submitted your payment details and signed the partnership agreement

I would like to collaborate on an idea. Are you interested?

You can either send an introduction via email, or you can send them directly to the sales page and remind them to mention your name when they apply

How send should I send clients your way?

Commissions are only available on my VIP day services - Measure, Automate and Scale or SEO in a Day

Which services can I referred people for?

There are multiple opportunities for potential clients to mention that you have referred them, such as my application form

How do you track leads from me?

I pay commissions twice a month - once in the middle and again at the end of the month. You’ll receive your payment 14-days after your client’s VIP has been completed

To make things easier, you’ll receive details of the exact dates once a client has confirmed their booking

When do you pay commissions?

All commissions are paid via PayPal to make it easier for both of us

How do you pay commissions?

I have the answers