SEO for e-commerce can be tricky - trust me, I know as I spent so many years updating my own website and later at Notonthehighstreet

The tricky part about e-commerce websites is they need to set up correctly so you don’t end up negatively impacting your SEO and that is often where many creative businesses fail

And look, I get it - all you want to do is create your beautiful products and sell them online easily but nailing your SEO can be the big difference between earning a hundreds of pounds a month to hundreds of months a week

Earn more money by getting more qualified traffic to your website without being chained to your desk

stay you in your zone of genius by working less and earning more

Simple SEO tweaks can be made to an e-commerce website that can take a conversion rate from 1% to 3% yet most creatives aren’t up for the challenge because it seems too complex. They will happily send hundreds in fees and commissions to the lights of Etsy, NOTHS and Amazon then invest their time and money into learning or outsourcing their SEO

How do I know? Because I have so many friends like you who went through the exact same thing

They would spend hundreds on branding and imagery but then wonder why no one was coming to their website. They would heavily invest in Google or Facebook ads and just about break even 

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Or you could start investing in your SEO and solve so many of your problems 

You can finally start appearing on page 1 of Google without having to pay for ads.

You can start outranking the marketplace platforms you are on because your website comes up first

You could finally improve your conversion rate so your average order value increases

You could start getting into press features and Christmas gift guides without worrying about the state of your website and more importantly you could start earning more money

Enough money that you could take a break without feeling guilty about relaxing with your family, without worrying whether you should be working all around the clock to make ends meet

So what’s the cost of you not working on your SEO?

Well, you could stay exactly where you are right now and not see any change whatsoever

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Work with Pri 1:1 to go through your challenges and come up with a plan to get ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors



We truly believe you can learn SEO yourself and in this program, we are sharing our simple 6-step roadmap that you can use to get your website closer to page 1


THE BRILLIANT SEO ROADMAP - 6-month outsourcing service

Our 6-month outsourcing service is perfect for busy product businesses who want to grow their sales without doing all the boring admin work

Trust me, as someone who designed and sold paper goods on Etsy, I hated all the admin work. All I wanted to do was continue designing but without a decent ranking website of my own, I was heavily reliant on third party websites to keep the sales coming in

I eventually took some time off Etsy and invested in my own website after the cost of selling on there so eating into my profit that I saw major growth. Within 3-months my website was on page 1 of Google and I was at a point where I became less reliant on ads

There’s a lot of great SEOs out there but it’s hard to find one that connects with you on a personal level. I’m extremely proud of my experience running an Etsy shop and all the challenges that pushed me onto setting up my own website

My passion for e-commerce continued to grow when I worked at Notonthehighstreet and I knew I wanted to support makers and online retailers when I left the business

I’ve helped so many creatives improve their website and get their business visible and I’d love to do the same with you so you can make more money and get the freedom you finally want

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I’m here to make it easier for you to continue creating your beautiful products without spending too much time on admin

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