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How to sell more courses

Marketing Your Course

It’s that time of the year where we start planning 📝 our new year goals and strategies. I don’t have my goals planned but I do know the number 1 strategy I’ll be using to sell more courses – searchable content. In this blog post, I’m going to be sharing what searchable content is and why you need it if you want to sell more courses💰.

Before I deep dive into searchable content, I wanted to give some context on launches as this strategy feeds directly into it. There are two main ways that you can launch – live launching and evergreen🌲. 

What a live launch for your course?

Live launching is essentially when you do some form of challenge or webinar ahead of your course launch. These typically last 3 – 7 days and have a cart open and close date where your course is available for enrollment. 

What is an evergreen launch for your course?

An evergreen launch or funnel is where your course is available throughout the whole year for enrolment. Some course creators decided to actively promote their course as being open all year round. Others may only offer it through a sales funnel at a discounted rate.

Which the best way to launch?

There is no right or best way to launch and it completely depends on your business. I personally prefer evergreen funnels as it takes the pressure of live launching. I am in the season of simplifying my business so having some form of passive course sales is really appealing. 

Regardless of what type of launch you prefer, you will want to create some form of searchable content. Here’s why – it will help grow your audience without you being heavily reliant on paid advertising. I'm not saying you should use paid advertising in your business, but it shouldn't be the main driver of traffic.

So what exactly is searchable content?

Searchable content is content that can be searched via keywords. This means it can be found using some type of search engine – YouTube, Google Search or a podcast directory🎙. Although Pinterest is a search engine, you still need to create the content first before you can use the platform. 

Why searchable content is important in 2021

Searchable content has a longer life span than other marketing formats. The average lifespan of a Facebook post is around 6-hours long while the lifespan of a blog post is indefinite. It comes to no surprise that some of the biggest course creators are using searchable content as part of their strategy. 

One of my favourite quotes from Louise Henry is – “my favourite type of content lasts and is searchable. I’m still getting consistent leads every month from videos I made 2-years ago”. Louise’s biggest focus has always been her video content and she continues to grow her audience on a monthly basis. 

It’s not just the well-known course creators either that are seeing results. I recently spoke to my friend who told me a blog post she wrote 3-years ago is still driving traffic to her course. So that means a blog post that you write in 2021 could continue to drive traffic to your website for years to come. 

How does searchable content help you sell more courses?

As I mentioned, regardless of the type of launch you are doing, having searchable content fits into your marketing strategy. 

If you are live launching, you’ll want to drive people onto your email list so you can nurture them until your next big launch. If you are selling your courses on an evergreen funnel, then you can set up a webinar or freebie to get them onto your list. I’ve seen people who either sell the course directly on the thank you page or sell it during the nurture sequence. 

Asides from making more course sales, searchable content makes it easier to repurpose across different platforms. A podcast can easily be transcribed into a blog post and shared on social media and a YouTube video can easily be converted into a podcast episode. 

How does this fit in with a paid ads strategy?

The beauty of having a content strategy in place that drives traffic to your website for free. It is more expensive to target cold traffic through paid advertising so it makes sense to go ahead and retarget them through ads. This way, you make the most out of both marketing channels while keeping your costs low.

My 2021 searchable content strategy for 2021

My big goals for Q1 is to focus on building out my digital product suite and my evergreen funnels. While I am doing this, my searchable content strategy will be my blog content to keep the momentum going. 

Once my product suite is completed, I’ll be launching my own podcast as my hero content.

Want to learn more about creating a searchable content strategy? Check out my ‘Create Content That Converts’ masterclass. You'll how to create content that not only drives traffic to your website but also converts to course sales.

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