Only 2% of women-owned businesses hit the $1-million mark, let us help you get there

Sounds like a bullish headline doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing, we are not going to claim we have the secret sauce but what we can do is show you where the secret sauce is hiding - in your marketing data

We are confident that you can get there faster if you stopped half the things you are doing now and just focused on what is making the most impact on your business

You can finally build a sustainable business that brings your joy and gives you the financial freedom you’ve been chasing so you can take time off without worrying about your business collapsing


But right now, here’s your problem...

What you currently doing isn’t working and you’ve been juggling multiple balls for so long that you don’t know how much longer you can carry on like this

You’ve realised that in order to hit that next revenue goal in your business, build a sustainable business and grow your team, you need to start paying attention to marketing data…

But you second-guess yourself and are riddled with insecurity because you aren’t a numbers person, wouldn’t know how to even get started or what the data actually means

Now, can you imagine...

Having a tried and true system that will make running your business easier and more efficient?

What would your business look like if you could take you three clicks to get the answers you always wanted to know such as

What platforms are going to help us increase ROI as we scale this quarter?


Are my team profitable or are they just doing busy work for the sake of it?


How well did this campaign perform when we ran this promotion last year?


Measure, Automate, Scale


A premium VIP day to give you the marketing data system you need to hit the $1-million mark

Here’s an example of what your automated marketing data dashboard could look like


Here's what you'll walk away...


A custom marketing measurement plan

Together we'll work through the questions you want answering and the main metrics and KPIs you should be tracking to give your certainty and confidence in your decision making


Optimisation of your google tools and integrations

A simplified system means collecting all of your marketing data from multiple tools into one central place - Google Analytics so it is clean and tells you the truth of what's happening in your business 



Track the performance of every email, every paid FB ad, every podcast appearance to clarify what marketing tactics are worth your time and energy investment so you can simplify your business


a bespoke google data studio marketing dashboard

Forget logging into multiple tools or manually tracking numbers in a spreadsheet with your own dashboard by easily spotting trends so you know what "good" looks like and can pivot in real time


insight, training and support

Get value insights that you can use to tweak your current marketing strategy and implement straight away as well as support for you and your team on how to use your dashboard going forward

It takes most agencies 6-weeks or more to set up a marketing measurement system but by focusing on your signature offer, we've simplified the process to do it in one day

There is minimal input needed from you once we've completed your strategy session, just turn up at the end of the day for your dashboard

We have real-life experience with global brands generating minimum £10-million revenue per year so our processes allow you to scale from the beginning

What makes Measure, Automate, Scale different?

You use multiple marketing channels to drive traffic to your website (social media, email marketing, SEO etc)

You are looking to answer questions that will help you scale your business without spending more time working

You have at least 3-months worth of data available in your Google Analytics account

You are fed up of wasting time and energy logging into multiple tracking tools to figure out what's happening in your business

Not sure if this is right for you?

this is perfect for you if...



pay in full

let's go



2 interest-free payments

i'm ready to do this





pay in full

let's go


2 interest-free payments

i'm ready to do this


After years of working as an SEO Strategist in some of the biggest global brands, I realised the secret sauce behind their success - using data to drive decisions

Now I can't wait for you to get your hands on your own secret sauce so you can scale your business sustainable without spending more time working or money 

Interested? Apply for your VIP day for a coffee chat where we can go through what it is like to work together

A note from our founder Pri (she/her)

award-winning seo strategist and measurement marketer

Have a question before applying?

We feel like all online businesses need a marketing measurement system if they are serious about scaling sustainably but if you have any doubts, then please apply so we can jump on a coffee chat to discuss if this is the right fit for you

Rather than niche down to a specific type of business, we decided to niche down to the stage of business. This VIP day service is suited to businesses who are scaling and need to know what marketing they should focus on to get there without wasting time, energy or money

The possibilities are endless! There are multiple connectors for Google Data Studio which allows the flexibility and freedom to combine different data sources together

Measure, Automate, Scale is a ‘backstage’ VIP day, so while the day itself is 6-hours long, you’ll only need to be available for 45-minutes at the end of the day for the wrap up call

It has very little impact on your VIP day as it is done backstage. We do have two calls that we'll need to schedule but we are  flexible and offer calls to suit most time zones

It depends on what your goal is for your dashboard. If you are planning on using it for a promo campaign like a launch, we'd recommend booking it at least a month in advance to give you the time to get used to using in