Imagine having one source of truth in your business so you could...

Avoid frustration logging into multiple tools and spreadsheets


Reduce human error by automating your metrics tracking


Save your team’s time, so they can focus on what matters


Find where you are leaving money on the table to increase profits


Right now, you are trying to scale your business and increase your profits without any clear direction

You are essentially flying blind without all the facts in front of you and throwing money down the drain



Tell me, are you fed up of…

Instead of recreating the wheel at every launch, work on a 'test and learn' approach so you focus on what works

Focusing on vanity metrics like Instagram followers


Learn what metrics will impact your business objectives so you know which ones to focus on tracking to hit your goals

Creating content without tracking PERFORMANCE


Start promoting your content on platforms that you know drive conversions so you can increase brand awareness

Trying to increase your profits WITH NO DIRECTION


Step away from the overwhelm of working on your business and get clarity on what to do so you can spend more time having fun



Rather than fixing your marketing when it doesn't perform, focus on what drives revenue so you can amplify it

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Measure, Automate, Scale


A virtual VIP Day for scaling entrepreneurs who want to run a sustainable business, grow their team and increase their profit in 6-hours

A tried and tested system to help you go from feeling overwhelmed to confident, sure and excited to scale your business and increase profits

Forget long nights and missing out on fun times with loved ones to feeling in control and ready to make the significant changes that impact your business today

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Google tools optimisation

An in-depth analysis and optimisation of your Google Analytics account so that your data is clean and up to date. If needed, a Google Tag Manager account will be created and optimised so we can track what actions your audience is taking on your website

Here's what you'll receive:


A custom measurement marketing plan where we’ll receive one of your customer journeys to see how it aligns with your wider business goals. We’ll also establish relevant KPIs for each part of your funnel and create a benchmarked standard so you know what good looks like

Here's what you'll receive:

training hub and sops

A training hub so you can dive straight in and train your team on how to use the reports. You’ll also receive supporting SOPs so your team can make necessary tweaks to your data set like removing internal traffic

Here's what you'll receive:

metrics dashboard

A custom metrics dashboard based on your measurement marketing plan in either Google Analytics or Data Studio (dependent on your data set and requirements) so your team can get insights without opening multiple spreadsheets 

Here's what you'll receive:

By the end of our VIP day together, you’ll walk away with...

What could adding $92,492 from organic traffic do for your business?

My client, a product-based business generated $92,492.07 from organic search alone over a 6-month period even though she had organic strategy and was relying on paid traffic

Through custom dashboards, she now knows exactly which channels and products drive the most revenue in her business


preparing your measurement marketing plan strategy

The Prepare phase happens before your VIP day where we'll gather all of your relevant data and create a custom measurement marketing plan during a strategy session


Optimising your data sources and building your custom dashboards

Next, using the audit checklist from the Optimisation stage, your accounts and data are optimised, and your custom dashboard is built in either Google Analytics or Data Studio

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reviewing your data sources 

Your VIP day officially starts with the Review phase where I’ll audit and analyse your Google tools and create an optimisation plan of what needs to be tweaked before your metrics dashboard can be built 


prediction and forecasting insights

Once your dashboard has been created, I’ll share some insights in the Prediction phase that can help you forecast your next launch or create an action plan on how to improve your marketing


serving and supporting your team

Your VIP day ends with the Serve and Support phase, where we will join on a call to go through the insights from your dashboards. You’ll also get access to 7-days of Voxer support

Most agencies take weeks, months even to set up this level of reporting and automation

With the PROPS formula, you can walk away with all of this in 6-hours

Hey, I'm Pri


I recently left my full-time role as an SEO Strategist for an FTSE 250 company that is regarded as the best team in the UK and Europe

Over the last 5-years, I’ve used data to make strategic business decisions that have improved organic rankings, increased revenue, and decreased organic and paid cannibalisation
Other SEO experts have consistently used my work at industry events, and Google invited me to their European HQ in Dublin

I achieved all this even though I don’t consider myself to be a maths person. I frequently use a calculator for simple calculations 

Why am I telling you this? It’s because we’re told we need to be good with numbers to be analytical, but that’s not true - we just need to be able to spot the trends, and that’s where an automated dashboard will come in handy

Looking at a data set is unproductive if you can’t make sense of it, but having an automated dashboard can help you quickly decipher what is going on in your business within minutes

Let me show you how simple it can be once you have the right tools

You use multiple marketing channels to drive traffic to your website (social media, email marketing, SEO etc)

You are looking to answer questions that will help you improve your next launch so you can go bigger and better

You have at least 3-months worth of data available in your Google Analytics account

You are fed up of wasting time and energy logging into multiple tracking tools to figure out what's happening in your business

Not sure if this is right for you?

this is perfect for you if...



pay in full

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2 interest-free payments

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pay in full

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2 interest-free payments

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Got questions? I have the answers

Measure, Automate, Scale is a ‘backstage’ VIP day, so while the day itself is 6-hours long, you’ll only need to be available for an hour. That’s 30-minutes in the morning and 30-minutes in the afternoon 

As most of my clients are based in the US, I am used to working later in the day. Don’t worry; I’ll find a way for us to work across our time differences

VIP days are released 2-months in advanced with a maximum of 2 VIP days available per month. You'll be able to book in your preferred date once you've signed your contract

As the custom dashboard is created specifically for your business, we’ll need to go through the PROPS process to make sure I have all the data I need to make it truly aligned with your business objectives