Hey, I'm Pri (she/her) and I am so happy to have you here

I'm an award-winning SEO STRATEGIST

I empower scaling entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business by using data that is available to them in tools like Google Analytics so they can save time and energy + make more money by focusing on what moves the needle and drive the most ROI for their business

I genuinely believe we can have it all but we can't do it alone and that's where I come in. Using data can help you build a profitable business that allows you the flexibility and financial freedom you truly deserve

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Why am I so passionate about helping you?

because i've been exactly where you are

I originally set up my business back in 2018 so I could have flexibility and freedom when my husband and I eventually decided to have a family

I was working full-time and working on my business in my spare time with the hopes to leave the corporate world after maternity leave

After 3-years of juggling, I realised that it wasn't going to be an option and the only way my business grow was to leave my job

In my attempt to scale my business, I tried all the things the "experts" recommend - launching a group program, switching from done-for-you services to an agency model but nothing stuck 

I'd be lying if I said that it didn't negatively impact me and I felt riddled with insecurity, worried about making mistakes and the impact of it and struggled with procrastination

I was so invested in my business that I took every decision so seriously as everything was riding on it, it was only when I was journaling one morning that it I recognised what I was doing wrong

I was successful in my corporate career because I made data-driven decisions to strategise and yet I wasn't doing the same in my business

Using data was the pivot point in my business and I have sustainably scaled without hustling

Numbers are black and white and they don't lie, there's no emotion behind data so it can be a powerful system to implement in your business

Business doesn't have to be hard and it can support your dreams rather than burning you out, you just need to choose it for you

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When I'm not working, I'm cooking up a storm in my kitchen, cuddling up with my Snowshoe cat Ivy, on the hunt for the perfect taco and marg combo or watching Spanish movies on Netflix

I wish I met you sooner

I wish I met you sooner so that I didn't hire that shitty guy's agency and hired you instead

CINDY, ceo and educator


How I can help you...

Measure, automate, sCALE

Measure, Automate, Scale is designed to answer all the questions you have about scaling your business sustainably without sacrificing time and joy with your family  



Audit + Optimise to Page 1 is a strategic SEO VIP Day to help you understand exactly what your competitors are doing so you can infuse it in your strategy



Shop from the Google Analytics dashboard template shop to simplify your marketing so you can get clarity, save time, make more money and find the joy back in your business