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One common thing I've noticed with anyone that has design experience is that they all struggle with designing for their own brand - and I am no different. I always knew I would be rebranding Brilliantly Visible when the time was right so when it come down to it, there was no one else I wanted to work with other than Meg from Lemon and Birch.

Meg is a fellow Co (from Small and Mighty Co) and shares the most incredible behind the scenes videos of her designing. She has been the creative driving force behind my rebrand and has designed everything from all elements of my branding including logo designs, Instagram story highlights and my client portal.

If you are looking for a branding designer who has a really easy client experience and knows what to do to bring out the best in your brand, Meg is for you!


Amanda Hutchinson, aKP Branding stories

Amanda and I connected at an event and at the time, we were in the wedding industry as well as working full-time. With so much in common, we became friends and when Amanda launched her personal branding photography business, I was one of the first ones to sign up.

I am lucky enough to work with Amanda now on a yearly basis so I can get gorgeous photos (like the ones on this website!) whenever I want. Not only does Amanda know everything there is about taking great photos, she's invested in her client's stories and will go out of her way to find the best locations for the shoot regardless of what time of the year it is (fun fact, the images on this website were actually taken on a cold Monday afternoon in November but look like it's somewhere warm in Europe, in the middle of the Summer.)

Head to Amanda's website to check out her services and more of her portfolio.


Nicola Russill-Roy, Nicola Russill-Roy Ltd

Nicola is a multi-award winning wedding PR who is in the middle of launching a new PR business for mentors and coaches across a range of industries.

PR and SEO go hand-in-hand when it comes to building brand awareness, authority and social proof so it goes to no surprise that I wanted to get some support from Nicola on my own website. Together, we came up with a number of different brands and topics I wanted to wanted to cover.

Within a matter of days, Nicola had a number of different PR opportunities in my inbox and secured coverage on 

Nicola will be launching her new service  in January so do get in touch with her.


Louise Rowland, Fleurir online

Louise is a marketing expert for service-based businesses who want websites that covert. I first came across Louise when she worked with my friend Sam Burgess on her Small and Mighty Co rebrand and loved the design - so much that I decided to swap over from WordPress to Showit.

Louise launched her Showit templates earlier this year and I initially bought the sales and email marketing templates and eventually went ahead and purchased the Cinnamon template and spent several weeks modifying it to go with my business.

Although Louise has not been directly involved in the rebrand process, she's been a great resource of information and jumped in to help whenever I've been stuck. Do check out her website and social media where she shares some great tips.

Showit Designer

Soniamarie Palmer, event hr

Soniamarie is a power-house in the wedding industry as an award-winning wedding planner and HR consultant for wedding professionals. Like me, Soniamarie has two businesses, one creative and another business related so we have tons to talk about.

Soniamarie has been my go-to for all legal questions surrounding staffing and contracts.

With a solid contract in hand, I now have a number of different roles that I outsourced to various freelancers without having to worry about the legal side of things.

If you are a limited company or a sole trader and want to take on staff in the near future, I recommend getting in touch with Soniamarie to know what your rights and responsibilities are. 

Staff Contracts

Credit: Nkima Photography


I initially met Sam in 2018 on Instagram when she was hosting an Instagram challenge for creative businesses. Since then, we've been close friends and I've been fortunate enough be part of her Small and Mighty Co as the SEO expert.

Sam's own business is pivoting as she has recently certified as a life and business coach. She will continue to support businesses as a content marketing expert but will be able to help small businesses grow with mindset, motivation and marketing.

Sam has been a great guide and support in me deciding to lean into the spiritual side of my life and helping me build my confidence so I can show up for my community.

Do connect with Sam on her Instagram and website for more details on her services.

Transformational Coach

Credit: Sophie Carefull

After months of feeling unwell, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2019 and was forced to slow down and take time off. The truth is, my business suffered. Being forced to improve my work-life balance made me realise that I couldn't do all of the things myself. Once I recovered and got back to work, I looked for other experts out there who could help me run my business better.

Here are the incredible businesses that make running Brilliantly Visible a dream.