How to find the best keywords for your business

Follow a simple to understand tutorial on keywords and search intent

Watch an hour long masterclass where we'll go through my top 5 keyword tools and how to use them. 

Receive a cheatsheet on where to add your keywords on your website

google analytics deep dive: 3 hacks you can use to measure your marketing efforts

Simple to understand guide on how to set up your Google Analytics

Watch the masterclass replay where you get to see behind the scenes of my Google Analytics account and how I track my marketing efforts

Receive a step-by-step instruction on how to set these up for your website

I am updating all my SEO snippets and researching the best keywords to attract my ideal client

I just didn't have a clue how I should be using them and inputting them into the backend of my website but i feel much more clearer now.

Lianne from Blonde Army