I'm a Leo so it goes without saying that I love being on stage and speaking at events (both online and in person)

As you can probably see from my website, I'm not the typical data nerd and that comes across in my talks

I'm here to help your audience realise that taking shortcuts in business is not lazy and we can create more freedom, abundance and joy without the hustle


I'm Pri Kruijen (she/her)

Oh hey! I'm so glad you're here!


Why data is the missing system in your marketing strategy

Using data to guide your visibility strategy

stop self-sabotaging your business by ignoring the data

data over drama: the numbers don't lie

the key to your next $1-millions is in your data

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Pri (she/her) is an award-winning SEO Strategist and the founder of Brilliantly Visible. Based in Manchester, her work is frequently shared as an example of best practices in action at industry events in the UK

She empowers scaling entrepreneurs to build a sustainable business by using data that is available to them in tools like Google Analytics so they can save time and energy + make more money by focusing on what moves the needle and drive the most ROI for their business

When Pri is not supporting CEOs to scale their business, she's cooking up a storm in her kitchen, meeting friends for margs and tacos or watching Spanish series on Netflix

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