There are 3 huge mistakes that I see people make when it comes to their SEO 

They avoid doing it until they are at that desperate stage and feel like they have no other option but to do it themselves

They avoid doing it because they don’t feel like they have the technical knowledge to do it properly so want to save to outsource it to someone (hint: it never happens!)

They go down a rabbit hole of information and research tons of advice from generic SEOs who have no knowledge or experience in their industry and then get overwhelmed

Trust me, I’ve done it myself. I’ve put off so many things in my business because I don’t have the money to invest and yet, knew I needed to do something

I’ve wasted so many hours researching, signing up for freebies, watching all the webinars, even paying for low-ticket offers that just confused me even more

I’m here to end that feeling for you when it comes to your SEO and get you unstuck

Now how different would your business look if you had expert support from an award-winning SEO who has experience in your industry

An expert who has tried all the tricks of the trade and understands which strategic moves to get the most out of your business and get your website closer to page 1. This isn’t generic SEO advice, it’s for your business and your industry specifically 

Imagine how you would feel after our 1:1 call together when you have a clear plan of what to do next and how to do it. There would be no more hours of endless researching online, no more trying to figure out best practices and understand all the technical language used by other SEOs

Introducing The Brilliant Strategic Sessions

a 1:1 session to get clarity on your strategy so you stop wasting time and see great results, straight away

What makes these strategic sessions different? It will give you direct access to me so you can ask me anything you want about your website and SEO. This is the only way to work with me 1:1 without a long-term commitment and get my expertise on your business.

It gives you the flexibility of booking in a session when you need to bounce an area around, want some clarity, need to solve a problem or just need some guidance on what to do next.

By the end of the call, you will walk away with your next 2-3 steps with what to do next and feel confident and motivated to move your business forward. 

here's what you'll get with this service

Pre-call questionnaire so I know what you need support with

An hour with me to go through your exact issue

A recording of our call for you to refer back to

My notes and a to-do list for you to tick off as you go through each step


Are you ready to get clear on your strategy?


Less time playing the guessing game and just getting on with it

More qualified traffic on your website

More leads or sales which means more money for you

Hey, I'm Pri

I’m a creative at heart who taught herself SEO. I’ve always been drawn towards being creative - whether it was excelling at modern languages at school or starting my own wedding stationery business.

Like you, I spent hours and hours trying all the strategies that would drive traffic to a website and only saw success when I was told about SEO. I taught myself SEO and never looked back.

For me, SEO is all about strategy without it, you can end up spending hours trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. I’m here to take you from feeling confused, stressed and overwhelmed to feeling confident and motivated.

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Is this right for you?

The Brilliant Strategy Sessions are for you if

The Brilliant Strategy Sessions are not for you if

You know the value of SEO and the impact it could have on your business

You understand that this is a mentoring session and there is a certain level of accountability from your side

You are really clear on what your problems are so we can make the most out of our time together

You are realistic in how much we can discuss in the time we have together

You want hands-on implementation done for your website

You are not ready to take action after our call

You want to learn generic SEO advice on how to learn SEO

Kind words from previous Brilliant Strategy Sessions Clients

I felt overwhelmed, certain amount of "I can't face doing that on top of all the other things I have to do as a small business owner". 

I got clarity, honest and direct feedback and you reinforced some things I already knew about the areas I'm lacking in.

I now know what changes I need to make to  my web copy about who I am, what I do and where I do it more clearly.

you reinforced some things I already knew about the areas I'm lacking in

chenai, by chenai events

I was feeling overwhelmed about tackling my SEO for my product based site and needed a kickstart and a confidence boost to get started.

I was nervous about my lack of knowledge of SEO generally but Pri was so reassuring that soon I could see with some hard work it was achievable.

I now have a starting point with a clear actionable task. I needed to take the first step and needed a little hand holding and nudge to do that.

Pri was so reassuring that soon I could see with some hard work it was achievable


I was struggling with keywords and showing up on Google. 

You helped me feel much clearer as I didn't have a clue how I should be using them and inputting them into the backend of my website.

I'm now understand SEO and how to make the most of it myself through my website, keywords, blogging etc.

I'm now going to update all my SEO snippets and research the best keywords to attract my ideal client.

You helped me feel much clearer as I didn't have a clue before


Ready to book? Here's how it works


Book your Brilliant Strategy Session

Click on the button below to pay for your Brilliant Strategy Session. You'll then redirected to a questionnaire to complete so I know support you need.


Join our video call via Zoom

Together we'll go through your topic of choice and come up with some actionable tips for you to implement straight away.


Review our video call and start implementing

As our call is recorded, you'll receive a copy and a to-do list you so you can rewatch and start working on the tips and tricks discussed in your Brilliant Strategy Session.

book now for ONLY £297


I only have a limited availability per month and calls get booked 2-3 weeks ahead of time. If you don’t see any availability for the coming weeks, please come back at a later date to check.

The Brilliant Strategy Sessions is a flexible 1:1 service where I’ll be supporting and mentoring you to get you from point A to point B in 60-minutes. This is a stand alone service so asides from the recorded call and a to-do list, there is no aftercare involved

The Brilliant SEO Roadmap is our 6-month packages for businesses who want to outsource their SEO to us. This is heavily focused on strategic growth

We also have a The Brilliant Blueprint which is our self-paced SEO program for those who want to learn how to do SEO themselves

Once you’ve paid and booked into my diary, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill in so I know what you would like to discuss

You’ll receive a copy of our session together so you can go through it together as well as a to-do list via email but there is no additional aftercare. If you need more support on your SEO, you’ll need to book in another session to go through any updates

You will gain clarity on your next steps and options you have available and feel confident in what you have to do next