The biggest mistake I see wedding businesses make is not realising the full opportunity they have in ranking well in Google and getting fully booked out. Yes, couples are looking for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest but the real magic happens on Google and it starts right after the ring is on the finger

I’m talking from experience, as soon as my now husband proposed, I was planning our wedding and the first thing I did was go onto Google

Grow your wedding business sustainable and get more sales without spending more time working


The wedding planning process is longer than a normal sales process if you compare it to other industries. It takes longer to build the know-like-trust factor and couples need to go through a journey before they book their wedding suppliers

Unfortunately, in the age of ‘one-click’ purchases on Amazon, we expect couples to land on our websites, fall in love with what we offer and buy from us straight away

Again, I’m talking from experience because I’ve used to have a wedding stationery business myself and I know just how long it can take for couples to book

There are so many opportunities to educate and nurture between ‘just engaged’ and ‘just married’ that SEO seems to be the only marketing channel that supports that journey

From initial searches about planning an engagement party to understanding how many invitations you need and of course, the best time to get married. All of these are opportunities to get your audience closer to book with you, one step at a time by regularly showing up as an expert

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Now imagine being booked out with a full diary and not having to worry about being ghosted by a couple ever again

You start making more money in your business with the right type of clients who aren’t trying to haggle your packages

You can finally stop worrying about whether you can pay your bills every month or invest in your business to grow

You can take time off to travel out of season instead of burning yourself out, just in the hopes that next year is better than this one

You can stop throwing everything at the wall, hoping something sticks and you get some couples that want to book you

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to start working on your SEO, then this is it

But what happens when you don’t do any SEO on your website? 

Well, they can’t find you on Google, how can they book you?

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Work with Pri 1:1 to go through your challenges and come up with a plan to get ahead of the game and ahead of your competitors



We truly believe you can learn SEO yourself and in this program, we are sharing our simple 6-step roadmap that you can use to get your website closer to page 1


THE BRILLIANT SEO ROADMAP - 6-month outsourcing service

Our 6-month outsourcing service is perfect for busy wedding suppliers who want to results but don't want to be working all the hours in the day

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Like many people, I started my wedding stationery business after I got engaged. I’ve always been a creative person and moved from copywriting to SEO while I lived abroad. I was craving something new and fell in love with designing our stationery so hit pause on freelancing as an SEO and starting my business

We were living abroad at the time and trying to get eyes on my wedding website was tough - even with my experience. There are so many more complexities when it comes to wedding SEO that you really need someone who knows the industry to support you

I spent hours investing time, energy and money into understanding how I could get my website onto page 1 so that I could figure out the perfect strategy

That’s why our whole business and services are strategy focused. Anyone can get you onto page 1 for any keyword phrase but getting you on there for the right keywords is the tricky part

That’s where I come in, I’ve been there and done it all. I’ve been featured in some of the best wedding blogs, exhibited at the wedding shows and spent hours creating the perfect proposal, only to get ghosted

I’ve helped hundreds of wedding businesses get closer to page 1 so they can fill their diaries, get booked and make more money

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trust me when I say this - I know exactly what you are going through

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